Hello, my name is Miles and I build sustainable websites

I am a freelance web designer based in the UK and specialize in building sustainable websites. I have over 4 years of experience in UX/UI design and building fully bespoke websites.

What is a sustainable website?

A lot goes into making a website sustainable for example to host a website the server it’s hosted on uses electricity and an average page uses 0.054 watt-hours. many data centers that host websites currently do not use green power to run their servers. Another significant factor that makes a website sustainable is how it’s built, if a website is developed using old code stacks or built on an extensive framework like WordPress, Wix, and others more resources will be required to load the site. Other elements like images not being formatted correctly and too many custom fonts also play a big part in websites not being sustainable…


The design of a site plays a big part in its sustainability, UX/UI can be very complicated but with sustainable websites less is more. The more interactions that a user needs to complete leads to an increase in resources that need to be used to complete a task. If you can reduce the number of steps it takes a user to find a piece of content or fill out a form instantly the site becomes more sustainable. Another big factor of sustainable design is how easy the site is to navigate do you have a clear call to action? is the text easy to read or will the user need to spend more time looking at the text because it’s hard to read…
There are over 100 sustainable design practices that ensure a website is utilized to the best of its ability, of course, every site will be different but working with someone who knows what practices need to be implemented makes all the difference.


When building a website it must be done correctly to make sure that the website is not having to use unnecessary resources. For example, a website that is built out of reusable code and uses image compression software will be much more sustainable than a website built on a large framework like WordPress with no image compression. Using the right hosting provider also has a big impact on the sustainability of a site do you know if the current servers that you use run on green energy? Do you use caching to save reloads?
When building my websites I only use modern stack technologies to ensure that the website is both efficient and secure. Of course, a lot more happens in the background! if you would like to find out more about my development process just get in touch!


If you already have a design team or designer I can be hired on a consultancy basis, a big part of my consultancy work is to establish how sustainable a website is and to create a road map of changes to improve the sites sustainably. As I have both design and technical experience I can liaise directly with the design and development team to help implement my recommendations. Another big part of my consolation is to advise on how to keep the website sustainable for the future and also offer monthly retainer services to monitor the site and make sure that it stays sustainable. You will be provided with informational PDF’s for continued reference, reports containing important statics and more.    


Communications tech will emit more carbon by 2025 than any country except China, India, and the U.S.


Renewables made up only 26.2% of global electricity generation in 2018.


Climate change is expected to cause 250,000 additional deaths per year between 2030 and 2050.

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Are you a sustainable brand? or a new business that wants to make sure that you are helping the environment? I am the person for the job, not only do I hold all the skills needed to build and design a sustainable website, but I also live a fully sustainable lifestyle.

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